Technology and organ printer

It is incredible how the world grows, spreads, knowing new ways of life, new ways of coexisting and moving forward, ways of creating things and resources that a decade ago we could not believe we would have until 30 years ago, and that is that technology has It has progressed rapidly so that sometimes we are left behind without knowing what tomorrow or the distant future will have in store for us.

Noting that more and more machines are taking over the world a little more and even if it is dimly, it is sublime to know that in about 20 years we can be walking among humanoid robots and we can perceive once and for all flying cars or perhaps ways to travel at more advanced speed and in the best of cases, to be able to inhabit other planets in this solar system in which we live.

Technology and new 3D printers

Currently, we have a long way to go and to investigate deeply and investigate, but each hour that has passed is key to the evolution of humanity, mechanical prostheses of controlled arms, legs and hands have begun to appear, some of them with brain stimuli and others simply with Already standard programming that the tool has and not only that has brought us the technology, but it also has not been a long time for companies to appear that would become famous for creating innovations.

A company called Organovo was the pioneer in developing the first organ bioprinter in the third dimension, capable of creating custom organs, since it creates it cell by cell, taking samples of cells from the client’s body.

How does the Organ Bioprinter work?

The machine recreates the organ with 100% compatibility without concern for organ rejection.

According to the company Organovo, the provision for the creation of veins and arteries will be available in a couple of years and the creation of other more complex and difficult to create organs such as the liver and heart will be estimated for about 6 years.

If we mention this in more general terms we are talking about nanotechnology, which emphasizes revolutionizing the world of health, it is an amazing combination of how DNA works, and the ability to create small cellular pieces ensures a very bright future for medicine.

The work behind nanotechnology

Many scientists working in this branch of technology indicate that they have found specific DNA sequences that directly encode various diseases such as schizophrenia, autism and even aging, so this indicates that with a study carried out in a The near future of such DNA structures could indicate that cures to these diseases may come much faster than expected.

Many discoveries regarding technology have impressive proximity, so much so that not only the Organovo company undertook its research but also many companies have taken the initiative to provide a little more information about it.

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