Technology and science and because they both have something to do

Technology and science is a discipline used by the guild called scientists, those who want to go to any corner to afford empirical and factual knowledge.

Science is part of the advance in the formation of man as a rational and critical being, skeptical and eloquent.

The reason for science and technology

Science is the passage from the irrational to the rational, it is the way through which humanity has managed to structure its life, its conception of things, its principles, and its way of developing knowledge.

Despite all this, science has been stigmatized by those who prefer to start from other, not necessarily empirical, sources, resulting in the possibility of acquiring knowledge in many ways, and yes, science is currently just one of the many sources of knowledge.

What relationship, then, could exist between technology and science?

Well, technology is what should allow our scientist the possibility of using tools that allow him to carry out his experimental designs, in which he can perform the necessary simulations, in which the desired foreign variables are controlled; in which experiments can be repeated as many times as necessary.

Likewise, it would be necessary to allow the scientist to have programs that allow him to carry out analyzes in quantitative terms on a variable, offering him a greater number of possibilities regarding the calculations pertinent to his experiments.

Technology and science are disciplines that could easily walk hand in hand, allowing each other to be helped whenever necessary, since, in short, investing in science through technology is to guarantee humanity empirical knowledge, that we allow us to move forward as a species, increasingly transcending the limits that could mean the endpoint of our ambition to know more and more about our universe.

Ultimately, science would pay very well, since knowledge is not just anything. Knowledge and above all, the empirical is one of the greatest riches that we can acquire at any time in our lives. And in that case, investing in science is investing in ours, in what we were, are and will be.

What would science be without technology? And what would technology be without science?

Both questions allow us to make a catharsis that ultimately would have a lot to offer our reflective discourse.

But it is a contrast that is worth making first on a personal level, and then be discussed collectively.

What would life be like with science? Where would we be right now if there was no science? To what extent should technology contribute to science? Why should technology contribute to science?

In this article we have explained the reasons that we consider, but what is the one that you consider? What is the reader thinking about this small but interesting debate?

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