The best 5 apps of 2019

The end of the second decade of the 21st century is approaching and we have decided to compile the best apps 2019, according to the trends that have characterized this year.

Since searching for a ranking in Google ends up taking you to pages entirely of video games, or the most global apps on the market (which at no time satisfy the craving for the novelty of curious users), we have selected with special affection and meticulousness a medley of different categories that we could find in any mobile app download store. Here we go.

1.Skyscanner, the travel app at the best price

Traveling has never been easier. For those with flexibility, Skyscanner allows you to “scan the sky” to find flights, hotels, and rental cars at the best price. Just by putting your departure airport, it will recommend destinations, and show you the cheapest offer. Very useful for those who enjoy comparing trips to choose the best option.

2.An app to meet old-fashioned people

There are not a few criticisms against the modernity of society these days, claiming traditions and customs that should not be lost. For those nostalgic for interesting talks, Slowly appears, an app to meet people. This app takes us to the old world of letters, stamps, and waiting for the long-awaited response from a friend on the other side of the world. You just need a nickname and an avatar, define your passions, and the app will pair you with someone who can give you meaningful and exciting conversations. Also, you can collect stamps from countries!

3.QuitNow! For a world without tobacco

Another mobile application trying to help people … Of course, quitting smoking! This fantastic app to quit c stabilize time that has passed since your last cigarette and makes an approximation of what you’ve saved since then. You already know that your lungs are better, but it feels great to see that your portfolio also.

4. Sticker Maker Studio: the messaging revolution

Although emojis are still trending, in 2019 another type of non-verbal message went viral: stickers. If you have not heard of them yet, they are literally “stickers”, used mainly on WhatsApp. Here comes the need for Sticker Maker Studio, an app to create stickers. Although it was launched at the end of 2018, it reached its full functionality and variety of languages in the current year, making it enter the top 25 of the AppStore. A simple design, with the possibility of organizing stickers in folders and sharing them through various means.

5. Yuka, a healthy mobile application

The implementation of the supranational law that requires the classification of the components of each food with the traffic light system ( green, yellow, and red) has reached all the countries of the EU. Nutriscore, this new classification, is still doubtful in the eyes of many, but it is still a general guide for the knowledge and learning of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Yuka is a mobile application that allows you to see these ingredients just by scanning the barcode. Many others are fulfilling the same function, but Yuka has come to position itself as number 1 in Spain, entering the top lists of the year. Also, it gives you alternatives to those products that are marked in red.

What do we like? It is a completely independent project, which does not influence brands, does not exploit user data, or bombard them with advertising. A small step for man, a great step for health.

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